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Saturday, March 19, 2011

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It is without doubt that Kajal Agarwal is the hottest among the top league heroines in southern circuit. However, she has taken precaution never to cross the line when it comes to exposing. But then, all these barriers are broken whenever a call from Bollywood comes and even the likes of Asin and Trisha were no exceptions.

Now, it is heard that Kajal Agarwal is all set to show her bold avatar and that too in the southern circuit if needed. Sources say Kajal is keen on keeping herself a step ahead of the rest in terms of glamour quotient. As a result, the most sought after bikini scene might be the ultimate weapon from her.

As it is, Kajal has got her debut venture in Bollywood so sources close to her reveal she is willing to give a two-piece bikini show if needed. The cine members say if that happens then it is not only a visual extravaganza but will also be a shock to see this pretty girl in the form of a saucy seductress.